Design & Direction

Artem Patlazhan

Graphic Design & Art Direction.

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Thinkific x Artem: Uniting for Design Innovation in Education

Welcome, Thinkific Team! I’m thrilled at the prospect of joining your creative journey. This specially crafted page is a glimpse into our potential collaboration. Let's explore how together, we can make people fall in love with Thinkific, even before they become customers.

Relevant Projects

Clearco Rebrand


Project Overview: The rebranding of Clearco, formerly known as Clearbanc, was a pivotal moment in the company's history as it sought to position itself as the guiding light for top-tier e-commerce brands worldwide. As a key player in this initiative, my role involved the meticulous crafting of the new logotype and the creation of animated teasers to herald the brand's rebirth. The rebranding was not just a facelift but a strategic move to embody Clearco's philosophy of nurturing and empowering e-commerce ventures.

Creative Execution: The rebrand centered around the analogy of Clearco as the coach to e-commerce 'athletes', underscoring its supportive role in steering these brands to their zenith. This narrative was woven into every design element, ensuring the rebrand resonated with both the internal values of Clearco and the aspirations of its clients. I developed a versatile grid system that became the cornerstone for brand consistency, enabling the creation of cohesive design assets that reinforced Clearco's newfound identity.

Outcome and Reflection: This rebrand was a defining chapter for Clearco, marking a significant stride in defining its ethos in the e-commerce domain. The visual and thematic overhaul I contributed to was crucial in enhancing Clearco's stature as a beacon of excellence and a catalyst for the growth of e-commerce brands. The success of this rebrand echoes the essence of what I aim to bring to Thinkific: a synergy of visionary design and strategic branding that propels an educational platform to lead and inspire its community.

Clearco Social Media Graphics & Animations


Project Synopsis: At Clearco, I embarked on a transformative journey to revitalize our social media presence over a span of two and a half years. Tasked with infusing the newly minted brand identity into our digital channels, I initiated a series of innovative graphics and animations that aligned seamlessly with the brand's fresh visual narrative.

Execution and Impact: My approach was twofold: first, to implement a custom grid system that facilitated a harmonious blend of versatility and brand consistency. This system served as the backbone for numerous eye-catching graphics that elevated user engagement. Second, I led the creation of dynamic animations that distilled complex financial concepts into digestible, engaging content, thus broadening our reach. My proactive involvement in content creation propelled numerous omnichannel campaigns, significantly contributing to the successful launch of Clearco's products and promotions.

Reflection: The success of these initiatives not only underscored the power of strategic design in marketing but also mirrored the ethos of Thinkific's commitment to compelling storytelling and user-centric experiences. The ability to translate brand values into visual communication that resonates with and inspires the audience is a core skill I am eager to bring to Thinkific's creative team.

CIFAR Brand Revamp and Visual Strategy


Project Brief: At CIFAR, a key milestone project was the comprehensive brand revamp, where I was entrusted with the role of supporting the Creative Director in redefining the organization's visual identity. My responsibilities included developing and producing a wide array of display graphics, event brochures, and dynamic social media content. This initiative was a concerted effort to not only modernize the brand but to encapsulate CIFAR’s mission of fostering scientific discovery.

Strategic Design and Execution: In collaboration with the Creative Director, I focused on conceptualizing a dynamic visual storytelling approach. This involved animating graphics that would captivate and communicate the brand's message effectively across multiple channels. By crafting versatile presentations tailored for diverse settings, I ensured that our scientific narratives were engaging and accessible. The design solutions I provided for e-blasts, web content, and print materials were pivotal in translating CIFAR's complex scientific endeavors into clear, impactful design elements.

Impact and Reflection: The refreshed brand visuals played a crucial role in enhancing CIFAR’s engagement with the scientific community and the general public. My role in this transformative process honed my ability to distill intricate ideas into visually compelling stories, a skill set that is directly applicable to the objectives at Thinkific. The success of CIFAR’s brand revamp underlines my commitment to creating designs that are not only visually appealing but also deeply resonant with an organization’s ethos—a principle I am excited to bring to the marketing and educational narratives at Thinkific.

Proposition Message

With a spirit of innovation and a relentless drive for excellence, I've carved a path in the world of design that's as diverse as it is deep. The journey has been one of continuous learning, where each role, from supporting the Creative Director at CIFAR to playing a pivotal part in Clearco's rebranding, has shaped my design ethos. My passion lies in crafting narratives that not only engage and inspire but also translate strategic visions into tangible success.

I bring a wealth of experience from spearheading significant design initiatives, fostering brand excellence, and driving creative direction in varied environments. My collaborative efforts with Jeremy Bailey at Clearco were particularly influential, providing me with a profound insight into marrying strategic design with business acumen. Jeremy's mentorship reinforced my belief in the transformative power of design and its ability to propel an organization forward.

At Thinkific, I see an opportunity to harness this unique blend of skills and experiences. I am eager to contribute to Thinkific's mission of revolutionizing the way people learn online. My aspiration is to become a catalyst in Thinkific's journey, enhancing the educational landscape with compelling designs that resonate with educators and learners alike.

I am ready to bring my strategic creativity, proven leadership, and collaborative spirit to Thinkific. Together, we can create experiences that not only reflect the brand’s values but also amplify its growth and impact in the e-learning space.

Let's connect and take the conversation forward. I invite you to schedule a call with me at your convenience via Calendly︎︎︎ or connect with me on LinkedIn︎︎︎